Judgement Day

by Saul

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With our new lineup, we rush into the Florida hardcore scene.


released December 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Saul Tallahassee, Florida

Florida Hardcore

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Track Name: Fate
Unfeigned in reality
No reason to live no reason to die
Irrationalities control my mind
I don't feel the same as once before, it's like there's no way out
And no one left to blame

Skeletons in the closet, coming back to life
Might as well be dead

Fate is a disaster, when you think like me
Problem child, the bitter tastes so sweet

The solutions apparent, but I'm trapped in my head
Since the choices are mine, I might as well be dead
Self resistant with selfish pride
Like a stain on my soul, that you can't see through my eyes

(..shit was ill)
Track Name: Last Laugh
What have you done?
Stole my only peace of mind.
You can try and run, but now there is nowhere left to hide.
Fooled me once. Tried to fool me twice.
Now you've pushed your luck and brought forth your own demise.

I'll hunt you down, day and night just like a dog. Rip you limb from limb, and make you choke on your own blood.

Your final move, reaching for the hand of death, realization sets, gasping for your final breath.

Watching as you slowly slip
Gasping your final breath

Final breath

Fool, your death will be in vain
Track Name: Forever
Can't let myself forget
How it felt when you left
I hope there's peace in death
And that you're finally at rest

My world has grown so dark
When your light went out
There's a hurt inside my soul
Let there be peace wherever you go

Escape from all your pain
We won't forget your face
In hearts you'll always have a place

My world has grown so dark
When your light went out
There's a hurt inside my soul
Let there be peace wherever you go

I know you'll greet me at heavens door
But the pain of loss burn forevermore
Track Name: Collapse
Keep holding yourself down
Into these waves
Let yourself sink to the bottom
Feel as your chest collapses from the weight of this world

Drown, as the water floods through your lungs
Choke, as you slowly suffocate on every word, you never said
Let the image, of loved ones fade into the midst of your own
Self destruction

Let the light slowly blind your eyes as the hand of death
Reaches down

Take a good look at that hand.
Do you recognize that it's your own?

Your reaper awaits.
To take you to your grave

(..excuse me)